• Hornets are larger than wasps commonly being around 30-40mm in length. The hornet is distinguishable from the wasp due to their size and colouration which is orange - brown compared to the wasps' vivid yellow and black stripes.
  • Contrary to popular belief the hornet is far more dosile compared to a wasp although stings can be very nasty so be careful when approaching their nest.


  • Hornets can reach up to 1000 in number per nest, although most colonies are much smaller at around 100-200 per nest.


  • Like wasps, a hornets' nest is constructed of chewed up wood to form a paper like structure.
  • Hornets can re-use a nest although it is a different colony that does so each year.


  • Certain Bee species can be successfully removed from situ and relocated to a safe location.
  • Upon detection of a nest, elimination can be achieved within 1-2 hours of treatment. This is essential due to the often aggressive nature of these insects.
  • Foraging flying insects can also be reduced using liquid dome traps both on a commercial and domestic basis. This can reduce the risk of potential stings and nuisance activity.


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