German Cockroach

Insect drawing © Bayer 1964 and reproduced
by kind permission of Bayer.


  • German cockroaches are the smallest of the cockroaches to be found in Britain at around 12-30mm.
  • They are light brown/yellow in appearance.


  • Females produce between 4-8 Ootheca containing 30-40 eggs..
  • Unlike other cockroaches, the German variety keep hold of their Ootheca until the eggs are ready to hatch, or sense danger.
  • Incubation is 2-3 weeks with development from nymph to adult in anything between 1-6 months.
  • The lifespan of the adult is only around 4-5 months.


  • Similar to other species a warm, humid environment is preferred. Pipes, vents, ducts, machine housing and drains are just some of the many places they are to be found.
  • The German cockroach is the most common species in households and factories mainly because it is small and able to hide in in-accessible places. The females husbandry skills mean a better survival rate and a larger number of eggs per case are produced.


  • Effective control of cockroaches is achieved from a program of monitoring and treatment using combination insecticides.
  • As a hardy insect multiple visits are required utilising both short and long term strategies.



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