Brown/Norway rat


  • Adults grow in excess of 40cm and typically weigh up to 500g.
  • Brown Rats have a tail shorter than their body and smaller ears compared to the Black Rat.


  • Female rats can have between 3-6 litters per year with 5-8 young per litter.
  • The gestation period is 3-4 weeks whilst sexual maturity takes 10-12 weeks after birth.


  • Rats are very adaptable when it comes to habitats and will burrow, live above ground and due to being extremely agile climbers are often found in loft spaces.
  • Preferred foodstuffs are cereals although they will eat pretty much anything. Brown rats are both carniverous and cannibalistic.
  • Rats will eat around 30g of food and drink 60ml per day.
  • The Brown Rat is the only species to be found in UK sewers.


  • Initial clearances of Mice/Rats can be carried out using rodenticides or non chemical methods.
  • Multiple visits are generally required to achieve effective control and programmed routine visits enable preventive action in selective environments.
  • Proofing measures against the entry of Mice/Rats to buildings will prevent repetitive or potential ingress.


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