Black/Ship rat


  • Also known as the ship, tree or roof rat, the black rat is 15-25cm in length with a tail Longer than it's body. Typical weights are 150-200g.
  • The black rat has larger ears and a pointed nose compared to the brown rat.


  • The female has between 5-10 young per litter with 3-6 litter per year.
  • Sexual maturity for the black takes longer than the brown at 3-4 months.
  • Gestation however, is similar at 3 weeks.


  • The black rat is rare in the UK, with most of them found around port areas.
  • Although a poorer swimmer than the brown rat, it is a much more agile climber.
  • Black rats tend to be found indoors and are rarely found in burrows or indeed outdoors.
  • Although the black rat tends to eat 30g of food, it drinks less than it's brown counterpart at just 15ml per day.


  • Initial clearances of Mice/Rats can be carried out using rodenticides or non chemical methods.
  • Multiple visits are generally required to achieve effective control and programmed routine visits enable preventive action in selective environments.
  • Proofing measures against the entry of Mice/Rats to buildings will prevent repetitive or potential ingress.


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