Australian Spider Beetle

Insect drawing © Bayer 1964 and reproduced
by kind permission of Bayer.


  • Generally a golden brown colour being around 2-4mm in length.
  • Can appear to look like a spider when viewed from above.


  • Females lay between 100-200 eggs, cream in colour and take 3-6 months before emerging as adults.
  • Adults will live for up to a year.


  • Similar to other species, adults will pose dead when disturbed.
  • Dark, damp areas are favourite habitats of the beetles.
  • Preferred foodstuffs are cereals, seeds, dried fruits and spices for example. Although primarily warehouse pests, Spider beetles will also seek refuge in homes. They don't create the same amount of damage as other beetles, but can still be abundant in significant numbers.


  • Short and long term monitoring/insecticide treatment can be required in order to prevent continuous infestation from this pest.
  • Single and multiple visits are required depending upon the extent of infestation.


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